Who am I?
I am Mr. Hackett, a Computer Science (and ICT) teacher at an 11 – 19 school. I am also a Computing at School (CAS) Master Teacher; CAS Hub Leader (Rossendale / East Lancashire); Open University Associate Lecturer (Algorithms, Data Structures & Computability) and a part-time Website Designer…phew.

Why have I started this blog?
I have never had a specific cause or the time to write a blog… (who would read it anyway and what use would it be?) That is until now. My cause and my reason is because I want to share my classroom mantra (Share your knowledge) using the BBC Micro:bit as the catalyst. The absolute elation I felt when my HOD walked in to my classroom and showed me what had been delivered was clear for all to see. It happened to be a year 7 class and one pupil said to another pupil

“Why is sir so happy? What’s wrong with him?”

“Sir, why are you smiling so much?”

The reason for my visible joy, was due to the little devices that resided inside the box. I had been waiting for many months for this moment. There were so many thoughts about all the possibilities that this seemingly insignificant device can offer.

Year 7 pupil: “Is it like Christmas sir?”

Me: “Yes, kind of…No, Christmas is once a year. This is once in 35 years!”

I have now gathered my thoughts over the past week (February half-term) and wanted to record my journey (and that of my pupils) for the benefit of other educators. If something works well, I can document it, if something doesn’t go so well I can reflect and improve.

If this blog is useful, please comment or share. Any constructive feedback is welcome.


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