2 weeks in!

Quite a lot has happened over the past couple of weeks or so. I have had more time to get to grips with using the micro:bit; I have explored the different methods of writing programs for the device; I have paired a micro:bit with the Samsung APP (with varying degrees of success); I have introduced the concept of a ‘cross-curricular hook’ to my colleagues.

First of all the micro:bit website – I really did miss a trick when I first explored the website. I had completely ignored the ‘Code Kingdoms: JavaScript’ section. During an after school coding club, one of my GCSE students explored this section and started following a tutorial for ‘Worst game of snake ever!’ (I didn’t know it was called this and called it ‘Chase the egg!’ instead!). He showed me that, even though it was JavaScript, it was still quite easy to write a program in this section. There is the ability to write with just blocks, or pre-populated text or raw text input.


This seems like a fantastic feature that I would definitely like to explore with older year groups. I have a lot of interest in JavaScript and feel that it is such a versatile language, learning it would be very useful at GCSE / A-Level.

Do you want to play Chase the egg?!

Anyway, back to the ‘Chase the egg!’ game – Once the pupil had created the game, I plugged in the cable and ‘flashed’ the game on to the micro:bit. I had a go and then the other pupils had a go and it was an instant hit. This simple game, in which you needed to get one dot touch another dot by rotating the device, was highly addictive and highly competitive. I have spent the past 2 weeks showing this game to everyone, asking pupil to compete against staff, year 7, year 11, year 12, staff…everyone loved it. I even disrupted my HOD’s year 7 lesson to see who could try to beat the top score.